Installing svxlink

The basic description (in German language) can be found in the article by Stefan as shown in an earlier post.

Here a brief command summary from my installation:

sudo apt-get install g++ make libsigc++-1.2-dev libgsm1-dev libpopt-dev 
tcl8.5-dev libgcrypt-dev libspeex-dev libasound2-dev alsa-utils

as user pi:
cd /home/pi
mkdir svxlink
tar xvzf svxlink-11.11.1.tar.gz
cd svxlink-11.11.1
# make release takes much longer to compile, but reduced CPU load significantly
make release
sudo make install
# get sounds
cd /home/pi/svxlink
mkdir sounds
cd sounds/
# get german sounds
# get en_US sounds

# unpack desired sound files, for example:
tar -xvjf stimmen-mary.tar.bz2
sudo mkdir /usr/share/svxlink/sounds/
sudo mkdir /usr/share/svxlink/sounds/de_DE
# install 8k female audio
sudo cp -a stimmen-mary/stimmen-mary/8k-female/* /usr/share/svxlink/sounds/de_DE
# and/or english audio files
tar -xvjf sounds-en_US-heather-11.11.tar.bz2
#(if not done before: sudo mkdir /usr/share/svxlink/sounds/ )
sudo mkdir /usr/share/svxlink/sounds/en_US
sudo cp -a en_US-heather/* /usr/share/svxlink/sounds/en_US

One thought on “Installing svxlink

  1. dl8scu Post author

    I hope I will find time to update the description to cover the latest svxlink release soon, but one important remark I want to add. Use “make release” to build svxlink if you do not intend to use a debugger. The compilation will take much longer (I really mean muuuuch longer), but the cpu load will also be much reduced.
    73 de Holger


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